10 Ways to Gaines More Muscle.

(1) Lift heavy:- Make sure you are lifting heavy enough to complete only 6-8 reps. Do not overdo your self, you are going to injure your self, you are going to injure your self-while performing the exercise. And that is exactly what we do not happen.

(2) Cooldown:- After every workout takes cool down by performing low-intensity cardio device you wish from the gym.

(3) Consume vitamins and minerals:- Vitamins are important for every bodybuilder. Make sure you buy yourself multi-vitamins from the store, they are not expensive.

(4) Stretch:- Stretching is good for your body. This way you loosen up your muscle from the physical tension you have put them in during the workout in the gym. Do not over-do it, you can easily injure yourself while you are stretching.

(5) Eat simple carbs after your workout:- Make sure you consume simple carbohydrates after your workout and then drink a protein shake. If you do not do this and the only consume protein after your exercises, you are not going to put on mass, because of the sake that you are going to drink is going to be used for energy, and protein is the worst source of energy.

(6) Get a Spotter:- invite a friend or ask someone from the gym to spot you. They will give you some help with the last one or two reps. This will boost your muscle gains a lot, because of those two reps, in the end, are going to make your muscle explode.

(7) Drink Water:- Drinking water will keep your muscles hydrated. Make sure that you drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. Water also increases your metabolism, which helps lower down fat gains.

(8) Warm-up:- Before proceeding with your workout make sure you have a 5-10 minute warm up. Walk or have a ride on a bike in the gym just to make blood start moving in your body. Of course, warm up the muscle that you are going to use in the workout.

(9) Rest:- Rest is very important if you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat and if you do not rest enough you are most definitely going to fail to try. While you give your body some time to rest you are allowing your muscle to recover and be ready to be used in a workout again. Make sure that you give each muscle group at least 6 days to recover before being used again.

(10) Put on Headphones:- During the exercise put on headphones and isolate yourself from everybody in the gym, except the spotter. Put on some motivating music and start working hard. This small motivation coming from your headphone will healp you do more sets and lift heavier.

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