Breaks in your workout programme.

In your workout programme, you don’t need to take a rest week every 12 weeks. Strong Lift5x5 includes plenty of brakes already with the four rest days a week. You also get breaks from lifting heavy when you developed after heating a plateau. All of this takes care of your recovery. So keep lifting and adding weight. That said if you train three times a week, 45 weeks a year, then a week off here and there won’t hurt. This is the 80/20 rule aka Pareto’s principle.

You don’t lose much strength if you eat properly and stay active during your break. You can actually come back stronger form the extra rest. You should be able to continue when you left off. But don’t hesitate to lower the weight by maybe 10% to ease back into things and avoid soreness. Different case if you spent a week partying, drinking alcohol, eating crap and barely sleeping. It will suck when you come back talking from experience. Lower the weight more to make it easier on yourself.

It’s crucial that you get back to the gym as soon as possible after your break. If you come back from holidays on Sunday, you should come back to the gym on Monday. You already had a week off. You don’t want it to take another week as it makes you come back harder. Traveling a lot for work in together. You will heave to train or you will miss too many workouts. I usually go to the local CrossFit gym. Every city has one and they have all the equipment you need. Just pay the open gym drop-in fee. Don’t go hotel gyms, they usually suck.

By the way, skipping a workout is not a break. Brakes you plane in advance-” I have a holiday coming up, I would not train.” Skipping a workout usually happens in the movement- ” I do not feel like it today, screw it”. Regular breaks are fine.

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