Build muscle mass by some simple steps.

(1) Focus on eating at least 5 meals in a day-
Building muscle mass requires food, and lost it. However, don’t think you can just eat anything. The calories should come from balanced meals containing quality protein, carbohydrate, and fats. Your carbohydrate should equate about 45%0f your intake, your portion should equate about 45% of your intake, your protein should equate about 35% of your intake and your fat should be the remaining 20% of your intake.

Also, make sure that most of the meals you eat come from real solid food. A supplement such as protein shakes is good, but they will never entirely replace real solid food. If for example, you are eating 6 meals a day, for of those should be in the form of solid food and two should be protein or meal replacement shakes.

(2) Drink more water-
Water keeps your organs functioning properly, clears toxins, reduces excess sodium from your body, and it hydrates your muscle cells. It also plays a major role in cell volumization. volumization is the prosses where nutrients are pulled into the muscle cell causing multiple reactions that leads to muscle growth. You should be drinking about a gallon of water a day.

(3) Stretch your muscles-
Stretching is an important part of any weightlifting program. You should spend about 15-20 minutes a day stretching your muscles. One of the biggest mistake that trainees are guilty of, is not stretching their muscle. Stretching helps in restoring the normal length of tissues. Constant weightlifting will shorten your muscle tissue, making it weaker and slower, as well as prone to injuries. So if you are lifting weights 4 hours a week, add at least an additional two hours should of stretching. You must counteract the shortening of the muscle tissues that occurs from weightlifting, or else you there is an injury waiting for happening.

(4) Make sure you hit the gym 3-4 times a week and lift heavy weights-

When you lift heavy weights, you actually create micro-tears in the muscle you are working. In order for the body to avoid that stress next time, it recovers the damage that was done and increases the muscle in size, so that it can handle the same stress more efficiently. This is why after a heavy workout you need to let the muscle recover and rest. In a few days that muscle will be ready for the same resistance stress again. In order to let a muscle group recover fully, try not to train it more than 2 times a week.

(5) Avoid supplement that has not been on the market for longer than a few years-
One thing will make your life much easier when selecting the right supplement. Buy the only supplement that has passed the test of time. In other words, do not buy a supplement if they have not been on the market for at least a couple of years. If you follow this rule, you will discover that only a small handful of supplements are still holding strong. Heare are the ones you should not go without a high-quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral complex, fish oil, creatine monohydrate and a protein powder. This product will cover your nutritional basis for health, healthy body composition, strength, and muscle mass.

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