Chest workout.

As crazy as it might sound, you can get an upper-body workout in only 15 minutes if you do the right exercise and use the right approach. The key is circuits, which allow you to handle a lot of volume in a short amount of time. Circuits challenge your fitness level in a way that traditional straight sets simply can not. They also eliminate the excuse that you do not have enough time to train- because anyone can find 15 minutes to spare.

The circuit is designed to keep you close to your incline bench. That way you do not have to move from one end of the gym to another for each exercise, and you do not have to move from one end of the gym to another for each exercise, and you do not have to worry that someone might take your weights. Creating circuits like this that you can do in a small area helps save a ton of time. For this circuit, you will warm up first, then aim for two full rounds, resting only 1 minute between. Remember, you want as little rest as possible between exercise. If your 15 minutes is not yet up after the second round, you can start a third but stop if you must when your time is up.

Barbell incline bench press medium grip instruction-
1) Lode the bar to an appropriate weight for your training.
2) Lay on the bench with your feet flat on the ground, driving through to your hips. Your back should be arched, and your shoulder blades retracted.
3) Lower the bar to the sternum by flexing the elbows. Maintain control and do not bounce the bar off of your chest. Your lets should stay tight and elbows slightly are drawn in.
4) After touching your torso with the bar, extend the elbows to return the bar to the starting position.

Svend press-
a) Extend your arms directly out in front of you in the same horizontal plane, Then bring the plates back into your chest.
b) Repeat for the required number of reps.
c) Stand erect with your chest out and shoulders back, maintaining the natural arch in your back. Your knees should be unlocked, feet hip-width apart.
d) Press a pair of lightweight plates in place against each other isometrically in front of you with a palms-in/fingers forward grip about shoulder height.

Body weight flyes-
1) Place your hands on the bars. This will be your starting position.
2) After moving the bars as far apart as you can, return to the starting position by pulling them back together. Exhale as you perform this movement.
3) Assume a push-up position over the bars, supporting your weight on your toes and hands with your arm extended and body straight.
4) Position two equally loaded EZ bars on the ground next to each other.

Incline Barbell Bench press-
There is not too much to say about the incline press that has not been said before. It is your basic, compound pec-punisher, which is precisely why it has a place in this fast and furious chest routine. Set the bar up with a weight we can handle for around 10 reps. If you are dying to do something different, try 1-1/2 reps on your press. To do this perform a full rep, then lower the bar halfway down and press back up. That’s one rep. That half rep might not feel like a must at first, but eventually, your pecs will be struggling to hold the bar and press it back up. Repeat these 1-1/2 reps for the full set.

Clock push-up-
Perform a traditional push-up, then rotate your body to the right in a clockwise direction using your hips as the pivot point. Perform another push-up, and rotate again. If you start at what would be the 12 on a clock, the next position would be 1, then 2, and so on until you make your way all the way around and end up facing the same direction as you start. For an added challenge, hope your body into position each time. On the second round. Go in a counterclockwise direction, rotating to the left instead of to the left instead of to the right on each repetition.

Bodyweight fly-
Your chest would not be the only muscle group working on this exercise, your core is going to have to keep your body stable. But if you have a strong core and you are up for a total body chest exercise, this one move will annihilate your pecs. If you have dumbbells that allow the plates to spin, you can use those instead of the barbells. If not the regular version is probably your best bet. You can also get creative and use a couple of towels on a smooth floor.

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