Control your fat,hormone to build muscle.

Dietary fat can help you burn more of your body, as long as you are eating the right mild. Healthy polyunsaturated fats – like salmon, trout, avocado, sunflower oils and olive oil can decrease appetite, improve heart health, and stabilize glucose levels which can healp trim body fat. If the fat input is proper, you are maximizing hormone production in the body, and it absorbs very slow so you do not have a very big spike in insulin.

How insulin has the biggest impact on fat storage? curves have the biggest effect on insulin. Many carbohydrates conduct a spike in the hormone and then to more fat storage. Curbs are classically hoped your body’s main source of energy, but your body also has the capacity to energy from fat, if you are build up your fat and protein input, your body doesn’t need as many carbs to run. Staying hydrated period is important to keep your system sharp, adding ice to your water can help give your fat burning potential a boost. German researchers found that drinking 6 cups of cold water can raise your basal metabolic rate, that’s your resting metabolism.

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) balance how many calories you burn at rest and more you move, a small attempt like walking after lunch, up and down on the stairs, even swimming in the pool with the guys during happy hour can all jump start your metabolism. Sleep loss causes decreased glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity as well as elevated levels of ghrelin the hunger hormone and cortisol, the stress hormone that in spirit your body to store fat.


Working and eating can help keep cortisol from running rampant in your body, but if you spend your stressed to the maximum, level of this hormone are going shoot through the roof careless. Study after study shows one of the healthiest things you can do for your waistline is to maximize the amount of stress you encounter every day.

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