Exercises to a bigger biceps.

The biceps as an impressive muscle group from the human body. When somebody asks you to “Flex a muscle” they mainly refer to the biceps. That is why a lot of bodybuilders are struggling to get a bigger biceps. There are a lot of exercises that healp you train that muscle group to perfection.

Biceps anatomy. The biceps brachii has two heads the inner and outer head. The name “biceps brachii” in Latin means two-headed body muscle. This means that you will need to train both heads to get a bigger looking biceps.

Get a bigger arm. The two muscle groups that are in your arms are the triceps and biceps brachii. Both muscles need to be trained if you want to have a big arm. The triceps is a bigger muscle than the biceps. it’s 70% a part of your arm. Of course, that means that you will have to work on your triceps twice as hard, but to make your hand even bigger, you will need to work on your biceps hard.

How the biceps work. As you probably already know every muscle group has a different function. The tricep is a pushing muscle, as well as the legs, but the biceps has a pulling function. Take a look at a simple exercise like the “pull-ups”.

Exercises to a bigger biceps:-

(A)Hammer grip curls:- Grabbing the dumbbell like a “hammer” and lifting with only your biceps is what we call the hammer grip curls. You can do them as you wish standing up or sitting down.

(B)Concentrated biceps curls:- Let’s get down the real biceps mass gainers. This exercise concentrates only on the biceps, hence the name. Take a close look at the picture, the position of your elbow is important, also get your back straight, do not bow down.

(C)Standing barbell curl:- Be sure you grab the barbell with a wide grip, remember the two heads of the biceps, well this exercise will allow you to train the inner biceps head. Be sure you are using heavy weights, but not too heavy, do not use your whole body when lifting the barbell up and down. Be sure you are in a perfectly straight position, do not arch your back.

(D)Incline dumbbell curl:- Last, but not least is the incline dumbbell curl. This exercise is hard to perform. Do not go too heavy from the first time or second time, increase the weight slowly.

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