Failed Reps in your workout programmed .

Failure is part of the game. You can not add weight every workout forever. everyone plateaus eventually or this would be too easy. Failing reps isn’t the end of the world, and does not make you a failure. Sometimes you fail reps because you are having a bad day. You did not sleep well last night. You didn’t eat enough today. You had a long day at work. Your mind isn’t into it. You feel sick. It happens. What matters is that you show up anyway. Do you best today, you will do better next workout.

Sometimes you fail reps because you have been making mistakes for a while. You got away with it when the weights were light. But now that they are heavier they’re making you fail. The usual mistakes are raising through your workout, trying to accelerate progress, and not recovery properly

1. Bad warm up. Doing too little warm-up set, too many, or none at all= more fail.
2. Short rest times. Not recovering fully from the last set=more fail.
3. Big increments. Adding too much weight every workout=more fail.
4. Skipping workouts. Can’t trigger growth if you don’t lift consistently=more fail.
5. Bedform. Bed ber paths and not engaging maximum muscle mass=more fail.
6. Doing too much. Overdoing cardio/assistance hinders recovery=more fail.
7. Lack of sleep. Sleeping too little hours hinders recovery=more fail.
8. Lack of food. Eating like a bird hinders recovery=more fail.

Some people start looking for a new programme when they fail reps. They think this one must be broken. The ones who get the strongest do not give up on a programme easily. They also take their technique, nutrition, and sleep more seriously. This is a lot of work. But unless you are a genetic freak or on drugs, you are going to have to work hard. In fact, the stronger and more muscular you want to be, the more time and effort you heave to put into this. If you do not, you will fail reps and then you lift strength and muscle mass can not increase.

If you have been eating one meal a day, sleeping five hours a night, doing cardio six times a week, adding 5kg/10lb per workout, resting only 30 seconds between sets, not warming up properly, and skipping workouts then don’t be surprised to fail reps. The first thing you do when you fail a set is to rest longer. Rack the bar and weight at list five munites before doing your next set. Your ATP stores must be fully recovered other wish you will fail reps again. This is not cardio but strength training. Rest longer so you can lift heavy.

Double-check your equipment is set to catch the ber if you fail on the squat or branch press. You do not want the weight to be even harder by worrying about the injury during your set. Squat and bench on the Power Rack. Set the safety pins at the proper height so they can catch the ber if you fail.

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