Some Squat technique.

The squat is the power rank for maximum safety. Set the horizontal safety pins so they can catch the ber if you fail to Squat it. Do not Squat in the smith machine with the ber attached on rails. Machines are ineffective for gaining strength and muscle. And their fixed bar path can injure you. Squat free weights instead of using the Power Rack, Squat Rack or Squat Stands. Some simple step how you do Squat.
1) Setup- Face the ber. Grab it tightly with a medium grip. Put it on your upper-back by dipping under the bar. Raise your chest.
2) Unrack- Move your feet under the ber. unrack it by straightening your legs. Step back with straight legs. Lock your hips and knees.
3) Squat- Take a big breath, hold it and Squat down. Push your knees out while moving your hips back. keep your lower back neutral.
4) Break Parallel- Squat down until your hips are below your knees. Thighs parallel to the floor is not low enough. You must break parallel.
5) Squat up- Break parallel then Squat back up. Keep your knees out and chest up. Lock your hips and knees at the top.

Squat five reps on strong lift 5×5 and then rack the weight. Do not try to Squat the ber straight into the uprights. You could miss them. Finish your set first by holding the ber with locked hips and knees at the top. Then walk forward until the ber hits the vertical parts of your Power Rack. Your feel will be right at the bar. Now Squat down by bending your legs. The bar will land safely into your uprights. Your build determines how proper Squat form looks like for you. The wider your shoulders are, the wider your grip should be. Do not try to Squat like someone else does unless you have the same build.

Squat down until your hips are below your knees. This moves your body through a full range of motion. It strengthens your leg muscles evenly. Thighs parallel to the floor is not low enough. You must break parallel to the top of your knees is higher than your crease. Many people do partial Squats. They only squat a quarter or half the way down. This makes the weight easier to squat because it moves over less distance. You can Squat more weight. But partial Squats only work your quadriceps. They do not strengthen your hamstring and glutes which are important for knee health.

Many people think partial Squats are safer. But they create muscle imbalances which often cause knees injuries. Other people like to Squat deep. Ass to Gress squats involves Squatting down until your butt touches your ankles. This works your muscles through a greater range of motion. But it also decreases how heavy you can Squat science the bar moves further. Plus, most people lack the flexibility to Squat deep without their back rounding. No need to Squat deeper to gain strength and muscle.

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