How To Add Muscle Without Adding Weight To The Bar

(1) Increase Your Time Under Tention:-
The longer a muscle is working to support an exercise, the more opportunity it has to break down and grow back stronger and fuller. One way to do this involves the eccentric phase of the rep, which is the returning phase of every exercise and is often overlooked. If you are benching and letting the weight crash down on your chest before you push the bar back up, you’re missing half of the exercise-arguably the most important portion of the lift. If instead, you control the weight during the eccentric phase-in this case the downward movement of the bench press-yore muscle will have to work their hardest to control the movement, and that’s where your reap the size benefits. Depending on the lift, and also taking into consideration the rep range and weight, an eccentric phase of 3-4 seconds is usually suggested to stimulate the muscle.

(2) Do Supersets:-
There is something to be said about pairing exercises together. You won’t be maxing out, but working with a submaximal weight in supersets will help improve anaerobic endurance, increase muscle fiber activation, and improve recovery time. There are so many ways you can approach superseding exercises: quads/hams, flexion/extension, push/pull, upper/lower, etc. It’s all about incorporating new ways to stress your body and supersets offer endless opportunities to change things up.

(3) Vary Your Exercises:-
As previously noted, the body curves variety and responds positively when you change thing up. Still, if you want to get better at something, like snatches all have the same end goal to get the weight above your head. By breaking down your main lifts and adding variety to your approach, you force your body and mind to take in information at a greater rate, improve motor patterns, and stimulate muscle hypertrophy.

Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells

(4) Do Isometrics:-
Isometrics are exercises in which you hold your body in a certain position. It can be as simple as adding a pause when you are benching or holding the barbell just above your chest for a 2-second count before you lift. It’s essential to implement isometric holds in your program if you want to maximize growth potential. First, it trains you to create a stronger mind-muscle group more efficiently. You can really home in on which muscle is working during each portion of each exercise, which is pretty damn important if you are going to make that muscle grow. Second, it minimizes momentum, allowing for more optimal contraction and breakdown of targeted muscle fibers.

(5) Change Your Exercise Order:-
Another way to create variety in your workout is to expose your muscles to different lifting patterns. By switching up the order of your exercise from time to time, you force your muscle to work in new, challenging ways. This goes hand in hand with exercise variety. Focusing solely on the main lifts, like the squat, deadlifts, overhead press, bench- with little to no emphasis on strengthening your supportive muscle groups can lead to plateaus or ever your body crashing hard.

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