How you build bigger arms?

How you exactly do you go about building bigger biceps and triceps? Lots of people try all types of crazy stuff to accomplish this goal, only to meet eventual disappointment because they have no clue what they are doing.

Some tips for building bigger arms-
(a) Do less direct arm exercise- In some cases, especially with beginners, the less is more approach may be called for when trying to build bigger arms. Too much direct arm work can interfere with compound lifts that utilize the same muscle. The result is poor biceps and triceps development as well as inhibited strength gains on said compound exercise.
(b) Focus on compound exercise- You can do barbell curls and triceps extensions until the cows come home. But the only result will be disappointment from a lake of progress if you don’t already have a base foundation of strength and size. Without a base of strength, you will stagnate quickly on direct arm exercise, and as we know from the principle of progressive overload, they only way to build muscle is to increase your lifts over time.
(c) Do more direct arm exercise- This piece of advice is targeted to the more experienced lifters who want to build bigger arms. There comes a point where increases in arm size are hard to come by if you only hit indirectly with a compound movement. So if you currently perform little to no direct exercise for your biceps and triceps, then now may be the time to make a change. Add isolation exercise to your current weight lifting routine, or change your routine to include an entire workout dedicated to arm training.
(d) Compound push exercise- One solution to building bigger triceps entails increasing your total work performed using compound push exercise. This helps in the case that you are not sufficiently overloading the tricep and the other muscle involved in push movement. The second method for building bigger triceps is to decrease the amount of work done with compound push exercise. This technique helps if you are already performing to much work interferes with triceps growth and it interferes with the would-be result if you are also implementing direct triceps work. The benefit of doing fewer compound push exercises is that your muscle receives much-needed rest, which translates to muscle growth.

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