Keys To Mega Mass.

Muscular Man Lifting Some Dumbbells

(1) Work The Big Lifts:-
Many lifters try to add mass by simply adding more isolation movements on top of what they’re already doing. But now more than ever, you will get the most band for your gym time by doing lots of big compound movements. Isolation movements and machines have their place, but if you are after maximum mass gains, focus every week on bench presses, squats, deadlifts, barbell rows. Some people think these exercises are just forgetting stronger, but that’s because they do them for low reps. Work this lifts in the 8-10 reps range regularly, with good form, and you will start using more weight and gaining more muscle mass. Then hit a few select isolation moves for a serious pump and walk out of the gym feeling immense.

(2) Use Good Form-Most Of The Time:-
Good form is ….good! But every now and then, Its okay to loosen it up a bit so you can squeeze out just a few more reps with a solid weight. Always start your set with strict form, and then, as you approach the end of a set, do not be afraid to cheat a bit. Use somebody English or momentum to get the weight up, then focus on the negative portion, which should still be strict. Of course, this approach is better suited to certain movements than others. One-arm dumbbell rows, curls, and lateral raises? Sure squats and deadlifts? No thanks. Just as many reps in good form as possible and call it a day.

(3) Find A Great Training Partner:-
Once you have a great place to train, your gains will come faster if you have a great person to train with. This person does not necessarily have to share your exact goals or be as strong as you are. At the same time, the absolute best partnership is those that have a touch of friendly rivalry. When you are closely matched to your partner, you never slack off because you do not want to be shown up! The main qualities you are looking for is someone who showed up on time, knows how to spot you properly, and is able to motivate without being obnoxious. Once you find someone like that, gains are sure to follow.

(4) Get Enough Carbs And Healthy Fats:-
Protein is the most important of the macronutrients, but you need all three macros in your daily diet to put on the most mass. This is not the time to go keto! Both for workout fuel and growth fuel, eat lots of carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, oats, and fresh fruit. Curbs will help fill your muscle with glycogen, the fuel they need for contractions. Know what standard amounts like 50 grams look like, and then dose accordingly! You also need healthy fats for general health, to maintain good hormone levels, and because they are the most efficient source of calories out there! Seriously, each gram contains nine calories, as opposed to four calories per gram of protein or carbs. Get those from raw nuts, whole eggs, olive oil, salmon and almond butter. Eat!

(5) Listen To Your Body:-
If you are constantly paranoid about getting injured, you will never learn to push yourself. On the other hand, when lifters get injured, it’s usually because they ignore that little voice that told them something was off-some muscle complaining, or shoddy from they were hoping the lifting gods wouldn’t notice. Listen to your body! If you feel an odd or sharp pain when doing an exercise, stop immediately. If it still hurts doing something else, abandon the workout and take it easy on that area for a while: You wouldn’t regret it! what you will regret is getting injured, stalling your progress for weeks, months and, in extreme cases, years.

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