Some easiest tips to build a big chest fast.

(1) Stop clinking those dumbbells-
Buff lifter around the world knows that time under tension is one of the singular keys for muscle growth. Planty of wannabe-buff lifters know it too, but struggle to actually put it into practice. Here’s how to make it work for your chest. Brandon demonstrates how to use time under tension while performing the incline dumbbell chest fly, pausing just before his arms reach the top.

As he explains, “when you reach the top, it is actually going to deactivate the muscle because there’s not really any tension on the muscle itself anymore because it is not going through any kind of motion or contraction.” Pausing just before the muscle stops working at the top of the exercise maintains that constant tension you need to grow that piece. That may not sound like a major change, but it is. To see just how different it is, do a set where you go all the way to 100 percent contraction and another where you stop at 85-90 percent. Even though the letter is a shorter ROM, It should feel far more difficult.

(2) Make your triceps a higher priority-
There’s a reason why chest and triceps are so commonly trained together in training splits. If you really want to build your front, the backs of your arms will have plenty to say about how hard you can push it. “In any kind of pressing motion, the triceps is going to be a pretty big secondary muscle group. If you are heating that Brence press pretty hard, and you are trying to go up in weight, building the strength, and you heat a plateau it might not be your chest it might be your tricep.”

His solution for bigger chest gains? Do not forget to work your triceps. Evry bite of size and strength you add there will pay off big time. So even if you are already training arms elsewhere in the week, do not be afraid to add extra work, or even an extra session, focusing on moves following-
(a) Close-grip bench.
(b) Tricep dip.
(c) Skull-crusher.
(d) Rope extension.
(e) French press.

(3) Pack the back to focus on the front-
Many muscles grope are involved in the pressing motion-pecs, triceps and anterior delts most prominently- so if you want to build a bigger chest, you have to do what you can to make sure that particular muscle grope is doing as much of the work as possible. Many lifters try to remedy this by putting their feet up on the bench, but there’s an easier way that allows you to move more weight. It is as simple as pulling the shoulders back way back- and arching the chest up nice and high.

When your shoulders roll forward, the anterior delts take over. This means the chest deactivate and does not get the full benefit of the exercise. Yes, this sound easy, but be warned, you really have to concentrate throughout the range of motion to isolate the chest. If you do not, all the pressing in the world would not healp you build your chest.

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