Technique tips for body building.

(1) Hercules chin-up.
Grasp a chin-up bar with a supinated grip. From a dead-hang position, pull your chin over the ber and hold the position for 2 seconds. Next, descend to the halfway point and hold that position for 2 seconds. Repeat this combination for the rest of the sets and reps. The Hercules chin-up is a creation of jailhouse strong system. It provides hellacious overload on the back and biceps because it combines both a full range and a partial movement and requires precision starting and stopping power. This is a great way to build functional strength for pulling movements as it jacks your physique.

(2) Head not.
A well-developed neck separates function from fluff, and you do not need fancy equipment or even a gym membership to build one. All you need is head nods, a fundamental training technique that evolved out of some of Brazil’s toughest favelas. Lie on your back, lift your head still lifted, look to your left for a set of 10. Finally, and with your head still off the ground. Touch your left ear to your left shoulder for 10 repetitions. Repeat to your right. If you have never done any nack training, yours will be screaming as you do these small movements.

(3) McGill pull-up.
McGill pull-ups look like a regular pull-up, but with one important difference, you perform each one as a single repetition, expending 100 percent effort-maximum force an explosion. The focus here is on quality, not quantity. If these pull-ups seem easy, explode harder. Doing them at this intensity will allow you to maximize your neuromuscular drive, increase your rate of force development, and build better technique.

(4) Dip.
For decades, elite strength coaches have referred to the dip as the upper body squat because, like its counterpart, it is such an effective way to pack on strength and size. Focus on a controlled negative and a forceful positive. Take a 2-minute break between sets.

(5) Handstand push-up.
Every athlete in every sport will benefit from strong shoulders! If you never look beyond dumbells, barbells, and machine, you are leaving gains on the table. This bodyweight push-ups are one of the best ways to developed shoulders strength. Handstand push-ups require you to push-up nearly 100 percent of your body weight, which is a far greater demand than regular push-ups. Beyond strength, these push-ups require balance and core strength- a strength that will carry over onto any field of play.

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