The Best Exercises For Muscle Growth.

(1) Classic push-ups:- Push-ups is another exercise that activates a chain of muscles-particularly in your chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abdominals. It is a great exercise for developing essential upper body strength that will prove useful when executing other exercises. Push-ups are also an amazing way to add muscle mass to your pectoral area. Not to mention how mobile it is an exercise because it requires little to no equipment and can be done virtually anywhere that is going to be comfortable for you.

The reason why the push-up is far better than the bench press for improving upper body strength is that push-up does not take out your abdominals, legs and back out of the movement. It is also a great exercise for developing overall core strength due to the fact that you are maintaining a plank position throughout the execution of the exercise.

(2) Standing barbell curls:- We have always tried our best to uncover the secret to well-developed biceps muscles when it was sitting or should say standing, in front of us all this time-the standing barbell curl. As if you have probably noticed the formula for improved muscle growth is using exercises that allow you to use heavy weight. The standing barbell curl is not different. It is a perfect way to start your workout as you can use your untapped energy to curl that heavy weight and really stress the crap out of your biceps, pushing it to grow.

(3) Squats:- If you want to develop a strong upper body you need to start thinking about your lower body as well. Squats is and will always be the best exercise for leg strength and growth. It is also a remarkable exercise that helps you work on your core strength, skyrockets your metabolic rate and improves testosterone production. Squats are another exercise that can be done in many ways to hit the same muscle from different angles. If your legs are more far apart and your toes are pointing outward then you are putting more strain on your inner thighs, the position of your feet will greatly determine the impact that the exercise will have.

However, for the time being, we are focusing our attention towards the neutral/classical squats. Start off by locating the nearest squat rack and if you do not know how one looks like then what you need to do is look around and locate the nearest place where somebody is doing standing barbell curls. Place the barbell on top of your traps. With legs at hip-width apart. The chest should be up and head facing forward. Descend by flexing the knees. On the way down focus on keeping the weight on the front of the hell. Lower the weight down to the point where your legs from a bit smaller than 90-degree angle. Push yourself up by using your quadriceps and make sure that you do not jiggle your knees, keeping them straight. Along with your knees, your back needs to be in natural position, not arched nor sloppy.

(4) Deadlifts:- Deadlifts are a great total-body movement that allows you activate about 8 muscle groups simultaneously. This exercise has been considered as the king of the mass building by many for a good reason, it carries a lot of benefits.

Core stability:- Deadlifts, if done correctly, directly targets all of the major muscle groups responsible for current posture and core strength. The exercise will also help strengthen all the supporting muscles of the waist, hips, backside and of course lower back.

More muscle being worked:- As mentioned above deadlifts activate approximately 8 muscle groups at once.

This forces your whole body to grow symmetrically because there is an equal amount of physical strength going through all of your muscle for the proper execution of the exercise.

Gripping strength:- If done without the help of any external equipment such as wraps, the deadlift will strengthen your grip like no other movement due to the sheer weight involved. This will benefit your performance during other exercises such as pull-ups, back rolls, biceps curls, flyes etc.

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