Trenoro (Trenbolone) Review

Crazy Bulk Trenorol– Do it the better way.


It is common for greenies and rookies who have joined a Gym recently to look at those posters of Bulky men and the brand names on those posters and wonder-“Will I ever have such a physique? Will they ever look at me like that? Man! Just look at those Biceps!”

Even some pros have a problem maintaining proper vascularity and body mass.

The sad thing is many people turn to unfair means in order to achieve their goals. In other words, they cheat without even knowing the far-reaching consequences of their actions. It is very common to hear about drug abuse among bodybuilders.

There have been many cases where substance abuse with the aim to achieve better vascularity (the visible nerves) and cutting have backfired. Terry Harris, Dean Wharmby, and Flex Wheeler are only a few of the thousands who have paid their prices for use of steroids. Many have lost their brilliant future.

Today, however, is a somewhat different story. There are many alternatives available. Safe and medically tested alternatives which have almost no side-effects. One such alternative is Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol. But before we discuss what it really is we must know what it substitutes on the market – the infamous Trenbolone.

Why not Trenbolone?

Well, for starters, Trenbolone is an androgenic, anabolic steroid. Many may think “so what?”. If you are one such “ignoramus“, then this is especially for you! Trenbolone is dangerous then perhaps most of other anabolic steroids available in the market.

There is a reason why it has earned the moniker ‘”harsher” drug’. Apart from the ‘not-so-good’ side-effects of Trenbolone, there are also a few which are unique to it. Just ask any body-building community or better yet Google it!

Here we have summarized a few for you:

  • A spontaneous cough: Ever went to any bartender and told them “hit me!”? Well,whenyoutakeaTrenbolone”hit”injection,it causes about of cough which may vary in severity from time to time. An intense round of a cough after and injection can be particularly damaging.
  • Heavy Perspiration: Trenbolone can cause heavy perspiration which can not only interfere with your work-out but also hamper you gains.
  • Decreased Libido: Oops! There’s a serious one. Trenbolone causes libido problems. So while you may be bulking up to impress, you only end up disappointing the one you want to make an impression on in the first place.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Stats say that every one in three persons suffer from this. We hope that you are aware of the what and how of this particular ‘effect’ and certainly do not want you to end up with it (we are sure that neither do you!).
  • Insomnia: This is a condition characterized by lack of sleep. Insomnia itself is dangerous and can lead to further complicates.

If these do not convince you of Trenbolone’s dangers then perhaps this might.

Apart from being an anabolic steroid, Trenbolone is an androgenic steroid.

Why ‘androgenic’? Androgen’s are synthetic or natural form of the hormone Testosterone. These regulate the quantity of Testosterone in our bloodstream. They essentially control the traits that make us ‘man’ or ‘women’. That is where it all becomes dangerous. Trenbolone may work for some. But for others, it may cause serious complications. Masculinization. Psychosis. Mental Imbalance. These are not just words in here. They are medical complications.

In short, these kinds of steroids are unreliable and can backfire!

Trenbolone also has impact on you heart. It is, as stated earlier, an anabolic steroid and carries the typical side-effects apart from the above few. It that does not change your opinion about trenbolone, then perhaps the fact that it is originally an animal drug can change your opinion? Let that sink in…


Crazy Bulk is quite well known for products with minimum side-effects and maximum gains. The product being reviewed, Trenorol, is not really different. Trenorol is your answer to question- ” If not Trenbolone, then what?”

You want to obtain peak physical strength and absolute cutting without any risks? Buddy, Trenorol is whom you turn to. You can use it without even giving a thought to those horrific side-effects.


  1. Beta-Sitosterol: Beta-Sitosterol is found in plants. Trenorol contains this substance (otherwise known ‘plant-sterol ester’) and this helps you in keeping you safe from heart diseases. Typically, this ingredient is used to treat asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome. Beta-Sitosterol also help in reducing pain and swelling in that may arise out of a tough work-out. Trenorol contains 200 mg of Beta-Sitosterol per bottle.
  2. Nettle leaf Extract: Trenorol contains about 100 mg of Nettle Leaf Extract in it. Apart from being used as a diuretic and for treatment of joint pains, this active ingredient of Trenorol helps in regulation of the hormone Testosterone. Because of this Trenorol not only helps you get the most of your work-outs by keeping a steady flow of the Testosterone in your body, but also helps you avoid any mild joint pain that may arise out of your sessions.
  3. Samento Inner Bark Extract: Ever heard of Cat’s Claw? Don’t Worry if you have not. It is used for treatment for Arthritis, HIV and even Cancer. Samento Inner Bark present in Trenorol is a relative of this particular Woody Vine. Samento Inner Bark in Trenorol helps in boosting your immune system. Trenorol contains 100 mg of Samento Inner Bark Extract.

These are the main active ingredients present in your Trenorol that help you become better with each passing moment.

Why Trenorol?

“Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid”(read the section above). You can understand from the statement that there are risks involved in using the said steroid. Trenorol on the other hand, imitates the effects of Trenbolone but excludes from the list all the side-effects.

The advantage of using Trenorol:

  • Immense Muscle Gain.
  • Increased Strength.
  • Helps in Cutting Too.
  • Increased Nitrogen Retention Capacity.
  • Gain in Muscularity.
  • Boosts Immunity.
  • No adverse Effect on your Libido.
  • No Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Completely Safe and Legal.
  • Gives Fast Results.

There are no such known side-effects of Trenorol and this is what gives it an edge over Trenbolone.

We just covered the advantages of using Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol. At this point, you may start to think that this product cannot be totally perfect. After all, everything has a defect. Well if you look from a body-builder’s perspective, then Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol will give you no opportunity to open your mouth. But there are one or two glitches that if see, are not really Trenorol fault! These may be:

  • It is a bit costly. We do not mean to sound like Uncle Ben here, but with great quality comes price. And that is true for almost everything in this world today.
  • Not many sources to purchase from. Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol is not really available on Amazon. You may manage to find some other source, but to get the true deal, you have to make your purchase from Crazy Bulk.

As you can see, these minor blips are not really something that can be blamed on Trenorol. The scales tilt in favor of Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol.

How Much to Take.

One bottle of Trenorol contains 90 capsules. The recommended dosage of Trenorol is to take 45 minutes prior to your workout. You should take 3 capsules and this should last you a good 1 month. Trenorol works and shows effects within a short time period of usage.

Together we work Best!

Trenorol is a very good product. There is no doubt of that. But for best results, Crazy Bulk says that one should combine it with a few of its cousins. They include products like:

  • Testo-Max.
  • D-Bal.
  • Winsol
  • Anadrole

All these products are available and can be bought from where you buy your Gym Partner Trenorol.

Buy them from.

Trenorol is not available on any other site other than Crazy Bulk. You can dig deep into the net and manage to come up with other places but the only way to be sure that you are getting the real deal is buying it from Crazy Bulk itself.

The silver-lining here is that you enjoy discounts and combo-packs that Crazy Bulk offers. Even now chances are that you can get a discount or lucrative offer if you hop to the site as we speak.

Our Take on Trenorol.

Trenorol delivers on all fronts. It is a safe and trust-worthy companion for anyone who wishes to have a Greek-God figure. This product is a part of a long list of products, famous products offered by Crazy Bulk.

The general sentiment towards new things is scepticism. And why not? If you buy something and get cheated than what is the point of saying good-bye to your precious money.

But Trenorol is not a Scam. It will not be a waste of your money. If you invest in Trenorol, then you are not just getting a simple product, you are getting an all-natural way to gain mass, decrease fat and increase your appeal in every arena.

Trenorol works. It not just gives you the effects that inferior Trenbolone gives you but it also manages to go “above and beyond”. For that reason, we give Trenorol a Thumbs Up!

If you do not believe us then it is completely fine. It is warranted.

So we encourage you to go to the product page, see for yourself the stories, the reviews, the testimonials of all those who, just like you are about to, invested in this crazily amazing product called Trenorol and get assured of its qualities.