Workout process.

In your workout programme, you do five workouts of five reps (5×5) on Bench, Squats, Overhead press and rows. Deadlift only one work set of five reps (1×5). Warm up with lightweight before your heavy workouts. 5×5 means five sets of five reps with the same weight. So you do Squat 5×5 90kg/200lb means you Squat this weight for five reps on all five workouts. 1×5 means one set of five reps – not five sets of one reap. So deadlift 1×5 140kg/300lb is one heavy workout where you pull 140kg/300lb is one heavy workout where you pull 140kg/300lb for five reps.

5×5 Deadlifts after 5×5 Squat doesn’t work. Deadlift use more muscle. The weight is heavier and each reaps starts from a harder dead stop. Pulling heavy for 5×5 is brutal. Instead of advance your progress, you will slow it missing reps more. Deadlift only 1×5- it’s enough. StrongLift 5×5 uses sets of five reps- not eight or ten reps in worthless. But it’s not effective for people who have n’t build basic strength, muscle mass, and technique first.

Why five reps work better-
(1) Heavier weight, five reps keep your sets short. They are over before you are tired. So you can lift heavier with fives then eight or ten reps. Heavyweights trigger your body more to gain strength and muscle. It has to get stronger and build muscle to lift the bigger weight.
(2) More progress, you can add 2.5kg/5lb each workout more easily when doing five reps because you can lift heavier. This means you can apply progressive overload longer without plateauing. You will lift heavier, get stronger and thus build more muscle mass by doing fives.
(3) Better form, the shorter set meaks it easier to stay focused on lifting with proper form longer. This increases your lifting efficiency and safety. You can lift the heavier weight without injuring.

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